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Offline Volunteer Opportunities

Introduce Nocome Trust to your Institute / Company etc.

Provide a platform for The Nocome Trust in your Institute or Company. Help us reach your friends and colleagues. You can spread awareness about Nocome Trust and motivate them to donate for our cause.

Raise funds for the cause through events

Help us feed more hungry children by raising funds for this cause. 

  • Hold a fund raising event for TheNocome Trust.
  • Raise funds through wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and similar gatherings.

Take us along with you

You can take us along to the places you visit and introduce us to the people you meet. You can help us reach more and more people through you by:-

  • Showing Nocome Trust presentation to people whenever you address a gathering.
  • You can print the volunteer opportunity information and distribute it in your apartment, office, and neighbouring localities. You can also distribute it to the people in wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and similar gatherings.

Be our Consultant

We would like to have your services as consultant for our various departments depending on your skills and our requirement. You can guide us on Operations, Marketing, HR, Finance, Logistics, Online presence, Health and Nutrition, Fundraising and others.

Trainers and physicians can support us by conducting workshop /check-ups at our premises for our employees.

Visit to our Home

Nocome Trust welcomes you to visit our Home. As per your interest and availability we can arrange your visit to our Home. You can be with the children, serve them food, and interact with them to convey the importance of health, and nutrition. They can also be taught the importance of not wasting food.  During your visit you can also taste the food and give us your feedback.

All of us have some skills and talents which can be shared with children as part of their learning and fun activity. It can be a Sport, Art, Music, Drawing cartoons, Calligraphy, Magic, Mental Math, Science experiment and tricks or anything which interests them. To share your talent or skill, write to-

For Events and Campaigns

Nocome Trust organizes events and campaigns from time to time. We need volunteers for the same depending on the type of the event. You can do a prior registration for this so that we can contact you and assign the work according to your availability and interest.

We welcome suggestions from your side    

Besides the above given options if you feel you can support Nocome Trust in some other way being in line with the objective of the organization, we would like to hear from you.

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For all your queries

Write to:

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